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Having sex in public places is everyone's secret fantasy. Here are the 10 best places for outdoor, public sex and how to not get caught, from sex experts. At the beach, according to a lifeguard Step 1: Wait until you want to actually do it on the sand with waves brushing up against you like those black-and-white movies, either get a life, or.

Best Places to Have Sex: Get a room — or a desolate beach, a hammock, a yurt, the back of a sleigh, or a patch of dusty ground at Burning Man. Where are the best places in San Diego for public sex? He says it's the top of the convention center at night because no security guard has the leg muscles to climb all those stairs. I think it might be Coronado beach because the dunes provide ample hiding spots (although the chances of being stepped on by a navy guy are real).

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