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erotic angel and cordy fanfiction - angel and devil 3-satomi suzuki-by PACKMANS

Chapter 5- Cordy and Angel swap bodies; Summary. Cordelia was perfect everyone knew it, heck she knew it. Nothing could prepare her for suddenly losing her sight, or the deep truths of Sunnydale. Trying to adjust to the truth as well as her sudden blindness, a mysterious stranger (Angel) becomes her guardian as he rescues her from a witch. Fluff and Humor When Angel gives his soul so that his and Cordelia's child may live, how will this affect our friends at Angel Investigations? This fic is a series of one shots depicting how the Scourge of Europe grows into a daddy.

AUTHOR: Becjane (aka Becky) SUMMARY: An enforced separation forces Cordy to face up to her true feelings for Angel. RATING: NC17 POSTED: 4 Dec CATEGORY: Romance / Angst CONTENT/PAIRING: Cordelia/Angel WARNINGS: Sexual Content FICPIC CREDIT: CALIFI AUTHOR NOTES: 1) Set in ATS season 3 sometime after Provider. Wolfram and Hart are . Cordy and Angel meet while on holiday in Tenerife and they both feel drawn to each other. The only problem is Cordelia's engaged and Angel's known to be a womaniser. Can their love survive? 2 author fic between Mrs O-Town and Insane1!

This community is for anyone who believes that Angel and Cordy belong. These stories are handpicked and read over carefully to give you the best Cordy and Angel experience. English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 93 - Followers: 29 - Since: - Founder: Eternal Dragon AUTHOR: CORDY69 (aka Pat) SUMMARY: Someone reminds Angel about the beauty of Christmas. RATING: PG13 POSTED: CATEGORY: ATS Post-Series Fic / Holiday Fic (Christmas) CONTENT/PAIRING: C/A strongly implied WARNINGS: None listed FICPIC CREDIT: N/A AUTHOR NOTES: 1) Thanks to Lysa for the great Beta work in such a short .

FanFiction | unleash Angel & Cordy. Follow. Focus: TV Shows Angel, Since: Founder: wereleopard - Stories: 18 - Followers: 0 - id: This is for fans of Angel and Cordy from friendship to love. Baby Love by victoriamartynne reviews. welcome. This is Friendship and Beyond, the fanlisting for Angel(us) and Cordelia adult's the only one approved by fanlisting was opened on June 28, and is owned by you're a fan take a look around, and maybe you'll even join.

Angel turned his head. "Cordy," he whispered, reaching out a shaky hand to touch the frame. The picture showed Angel and Cordy, lost in conversation. They were both smiling, love and affection clearly written across their faces. Fred and Gunn took that moment to slip out, leaving Angel to his thoughts and memories.