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Further evidence that Benedict XVI's comments on condoms were deliberate, clear, premeditated and designed to correct misrepresentations of church teaching appears today in an Our Sunday Visitor. Natural law and practical r

Father Martin Rhonheimer is the most important moral theologian to come out in favor of condoms used to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. In The Tablet, he stated the following: a married man who is HIV infected and uses condoms to protect his wife from infection is not acting to render procreation impossible, but to prevent infection. Martin Rhonheimer The Most people are convinced that an HIV-infected person who has sex should use a condom to protect his partner from infection.

The article, " The Truth About Condoms," was written by Opus Dei Father Martin Rhonheimer, Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at the School of . It is commonly believed that the Catholic Church does not support such a view. As a BBC Panorama programme recently suggested, the Church is thought to teach that sexually active homosexuals and prostitutes should refrain from condoms because condoms are 'intrinsically evil' (The Tablet, 26 June). Many Catholics also believe this.