pee in the road - holding back piss for 6 hrs - adults pee in pools


adults pee in pools - pee in the road - holding back piss for 6 hrs

Putting the 'p' in pool: One in FIVE adults urinate in swimming pools (and it's not the chlorine that makes your eyes red) Survey by Water Quality and Health Council reveals one in five adults. In fact, a new study says about 30 to 40% of adults admit to urinating in the pool. Valley News Live: “Does it surprise you that a lot people pee in the pool?” "You know, to be honest, no. I .

May 31,  · The survey results showed a number one problem: 40% of the adults surveyed admitted to peeing in swimming pools. 1 in 5 adults pee in swimming pools ANI Updated on Jun 04, , IST A shocking survey has revealed that one in five adults urinate in swimming pools, while seven in 10 adults have admitted that they don’t take a shower before taking the plunge.

Jun 14,  · Public Health experts say don’t pee in the pool. Shower for at least one minute before entering because that will wash off most sweat, dirt, personal care products and bacteria. Keep kids in diapers out of the pool. Stay out of the pool .