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adult wearing baby diaper - Masturbating with dildo and wearing a diaper 1

Because we are adult babies, we love everything about diapers and there are adults attracted to the diaper itself. But me being an adult baby I love everything about diapers I like babyish looking diapers like the crinklz diaper from Germany they hold a whopping fluid onces or ml of pee. Jul 04,  · While small adults can sometimes physically squeeze into baby diapers, that doesn't really make them "fit". You just end up wearing butt floss that doesn't really reach high enough, doesn't seal correctly, and doesn't hold enough for adult use.

Feb 20,  · A woman who lives as a full-time adult baby has revealed that she spends a whopping $ a month on diapers and has her own nursery complete with a crib. Oct 14, - Explore Mitchell MOORE's board "GIRLS STILL WEARING BABY DIAPERS", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about baby diapers, diaper girl, adult diapers pins.

35 Source - Damien Turner has been part of the adult baby diaper lover (ABDL) community for the last 10 years, meaning he wears nappies all day. But the year-old, from West Virginia, says, his lifestyle has caused problems in his professional life. Damien has been fired from previous jobs for ‘being childish’ and he’s now unemployed. Aug 20,  · One group consists of the adult babies in which adults act like a baby, wear baby attire including diapers and perform other baby activities. Diaper lovers consist of the other half of the group. Diaper lovers are not as interested in role-playing as a baby, but instead, prefer wearing diapers over regular underwear.

Wearing baby diapers seems to be a common trend I have noticed around the adult baby and diaper lover community. I have noticed people shoving themselves into these tiny little diapers. I have seen even some women wearing baby diapers that actually look like they fit in them because they are so skinny. Even some men too.