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adult industry secrets - Industry is the soul of business

Think you know porn? Think again! Hannah and Jason Rubin tell you 6 secrets about the porn industry you won't believe. Let us know if you know any other porn. Understanding SexTech and Adult Porn Industry. Adult Tech or commonly known as SexTech is a burgeoning field of innovation. It can be understood as a technology or technology-driven ventures which have been designed to innovate the pleasures in human sexuality with immersive experiences.

Money is a topic that’s shrouded in mystery in the adult entertainment world. While it’s widely presumed to be a multibillion dollar industry, there’s no real firm accounting to back that up. As with any industry, porn has its own specific lingo. But instead of acronyms for sales stats, porn abbreviations describe the, uh, action on screen. Spinner-- An adult actress or prostitute.

The size of the porn industry worldwide is $ billion. Between $10 billion and $12 billion of that comes from the United States. [6] Revenue from traditional porn films has been shrinking due to piracy and abundance of free content on the Internet. The porn industry has seen an 80% reduction in DVD sales over the past five years. [14]. Entertainment-industry analyst Dennis McAlpine offers an overview of porn's economics -- from pay-per-view to the Internet to adult-video production -- and a closer look at how legitimate.

The sex industry (also called the sex trade) consists of businesses that either directly or indirectly provide sex-related products and services or adult industry includes activities involving direct provision of sex-related services, such as prostitution, strip clubs, host and hostess clubs and sex-related pastimes, such as pornography, sex-oriented men's magazines, sex. TS Foxxy (middle above), "my porn age is 27," in the industry since Morgan Bailey (right above), 32, in the industry since Chelsea Poe (left above), 24, in the industry since

Ever since tube sites like Pornhub upended the adult industry by making Internet porn free, porn stars have found different ways to evolve and adapt. Trade shoots, I learn, are ubiquitous now. Ex-porn star Lana Rhoades regrets joining the adult film industry, according to former boyfriend Mike Majlak. On Friday, the YouTuber, 35, announced that he and Rhoades, 24, have split in a seven.