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Adult Degree Completion Programs at Lesley University. We welcome students who are returning to college to finish their bachelor’s degrees. Make your dream of finishing your bachelor's degree a reality. You’re looking for a college that’s a good fit. You want an academic program that inspires you and helps you reach your goals. Adult Degree Completion Student Qualifications. Students considering adult degree-completion programs in the Bay Area can find a home at Holy Names University. Potential students qualify as adult degree-completion (ADC) students if they have 24 or more transferrable credits or units.

Adult degree programs are accelerated bachelor's degree completion programs specifically designed to fit the schedules of working adults. Students in a major either take classes online or meet one night per week for 16 to 20 consecutive months, and most students take only one class at a time. The Leadership & Organizational Management (LOM) major is part of EMU’s Adult Degree Program (ADP) and is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of adult learners. We understand that your life is hectic—our students balance work, family, and many other important obligations.

Contact the Degree Completion Location to schedule an initial advising appointment. Your advising appointment will include an assessment of your education and work history as well as identifying official documents (noted in steps 3 through 6 below) needed for admission to the university. Jan 26,  · To be eligible for the Adult Degree Program, applicants must: Be 22 years of age or older; Have at least 30 transferable college credits; Have a minimum cumulative GPA of .

Degree Completion Programs. On your path to earn a bachelor’s degree, you want convenience, affordable tuition and a supportive environment. That's what we provide with our undergraduate degree completion programs. Adult Bachelor’s Degree-Completion Programs. Adult Degree-Completion BA in Business. Adult Degree-Completion BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. Adult Degree-Completion BA in Liberal Studies. Adult Degree-Completion BA in Psychology ADN (RN) to BSN. Graduate and Certificate Programs. Sport and Performance Psychology: MA, Applied Sport and.

The Adult Degree Completion program respects the knowledge, skills and wisdom you bring to the table. The experience you have gained over the years matter and can earn you up to 80 academic credits. Of the 80 credits, up to 64 can be transfer credits and up to 16 can be Stetson University residency credits. Our adult degree completion programs are designed for students who have relevant life experience and some previous college coursework. We welcome transfer credit from other regionally accredited institutions, even if it was completed several years ago.