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Oct 21,  · It’s difficult to express in words what these relationships have meant to me and my family, but I offer below a few lessons learned in senior adult ministry. Lesson 1: The Importance of Empathy in the Body of Christ. Barring some traumatic experience, young people rarely think about death. Senior Adult Ministry | Christ Community Church One of the most active groups in our community, Senior Adult Ministry (SAM) focuses on individuals and couples plus in age (and those who love them!), providing social interaction, service, support, and spiritual growth.

Jan 19,  · Therefore,not only does the church have to plan ministry for older adults (), maturing adults (75+), but also for middle adults () for their numbers are growing. As a result, the church must develop ministry ideas and ministry opportunities for three church . Christ Church Senior Adults enjoy fellowship and Christian community while blessing the parish and city with our depth of spiritual maturity and wisdom.

Nov 08,  · Begin with an adult ministry, not a senior adult group. The distinction is important. If you have a “senior adult group,” you limit the potential involvement to those individuals who see themselves as “senior adults.” Many other senior adults in your congregation and in your community will not identify with “those old people.”. Mar 30,  · Senior church members often enjoy spending time with their peers, and one of the most popular activities churches offer to senior members is a game and hobby afternoon. It’s quite common to find churches that hold Pitch or Bridge games in fellowship halls one afternoon a .

The purpose of the Senior Adult’s Ministry is to address the unique season and needs of the seniors in the church; to equip and prepare people for this season both naturally and spiritually; to help serve the needs that arise in this season; and . The Mission of the Christ Church Connexion Ministry is to contact adults who are identified in the Christ Church of Oak Brook member list as being 80 years and older. The purpose of the contact is to share the love of Christ by maintaining a connection with as well as recognizing and attempting to meet the needs of His people as they age.

While we can be rest assured that God would not forsake us with age, we should strive to remember aging adults around us and acknowledge their contributions to society. The following projects are some ideas and tips of how you can show Christ’s love to senior adults in your church and in the community.