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Mar 02,  · After interviewing numerous adult adoptees in my clinical practice over the years--and from my own personal experience as an adult adoptee—I’ve noticed that . Although there isn’t much evidence to support the theory that adopted adults and their relationships fail as a result of adoption, there are documented emotional difficulties that some adoptees may struggle with. Whenever one partner within a relationship brings their own fears and insecurities into the relationship, the emotional bond can be strained.

Issues faced by adopted persons: 1. It is very common for those who were adopted to feel rejected and abandoned by their birth parents. This is accompanied by feelings of grief and loss. Jul 08,  · I believe many adoptees have some form of sensory deprivation issues which begins when the sensory information isn’t what the baby expects. The child (and the parents) are deprived of genetic cues which help in fitting in.

Low self-esteem: While there is no evidence that being adopted causes low self-esteem, some adoptees do experience Fear of rejection: Some adoptees inherently fear that someone else will “reject” them, due to unresolved feelings about Fear of abandonment: Some adoptees, especially those who. Aug 30,  · Many adopted adults who have been in therapy with Dr. Schechter have come to him with complaints of depression, alcohol or drug use, marital problems, or problems with their children. Frequently they are having difficulty maintaining intimate relationships.

They are: Loss Rejection Guilt/Shame Grief Identity Intimacy and Mastery/Control.